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July 7, 2020
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A Game That Transcends Demographic Differences

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Unlike the many famous outdoor sports today, the washer toss game is nothing but an original. Limited documents points to the beginnings of this simple source of enjoyment but basing from the way it is played, one can conclude that this has been the favorite past time of traveling horsemen, cowboys and those who have spent their lives entirely within the confines of their ranch. If this has been a favorite past time of the rural residents, what makes it interesting to gain an increasing popularity?

Who would not have heard of basketball and who cannot say that they don't know how it is played? If you notice, many of the formal sports we know of today originated from a child's active imagination. When an adult sees the potential, it later evolves into a new game, but with the same goals. Have you seen kids played marbles? Kids usually make small holes on the ground and use this as goals. On a closer look at croquet, doesn't it have the same mechanics? How about golf? On a philosophical point of view, the golf is like a marble game for adults. The same can be said about the pall mall of London, which dates back as early as the 18th century.

Like basketball, the washer toss game bridges the boundaries of age, gender and nationality. Whether it started out only as a favorite past time of cowboys and horse-riding men, this game is a good physical game both for the young and the young at heart. It can also provide a time for parents to have fun with their children and vice versa, thus strengthening the family bonds.

Children who are younger and have not yet fully developed their motor skills can also play this game. Even special children as well as people who have lower extremities disabilities can join in the fun. It is a non-contact activity that further allays the anxieties of parents over children who are overly active. Teenagers can have fun with kids as playing this sort of game does not require any age nor professional skills.

Kids who are bored inside the house, especially during the rainy season can spend fun-filled hours of fun. These toys are portable that your garage or an empty room can turn into a family room for sports-oriented activities.

Parents can also utilize this game to teach younger children the value of sportsmanship, leadership and having fun without getting physically hurt. It is also another way to establish parental bonds with children and teenagers. This can be used as an opportunity for teenagers to talk about their school problems or felt inadequacies. Young people tend to talk about their feelings more openly with people who share their common interests and enjoy leisure activities together. Nannies or caretakers of preschool children can play together thus, minimizing the opportunity for their ward's tantrums.

In essence this game is something that any person, young or old, male or female, in singles or team-ups, with their own age group or not will find this game a highly flexible activity suitable whether outdoors or inside a spacious room of the house or garage.


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