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June 15, 2020
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A Fall Camping Trip May Be Just The Ticket

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If your summer camping trip was spent jostling the crowds and straining to hear the sounds of nature over the dinof your neighbors beer parties, you may want to consider a fall camping trip for your next outdoor adventure. It's not too late. Summer is winding down and the kids will be going back to school. This leaves the National Parks and Forests practically empty at times, just begging for you come and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Why should you camp in the fall?
In addition to the less-crowded camping venues, You will actually experience some of the most temperate weather in the fall. Mornings are pleasantly cool, afternoons can be comfortably warm, and the nights are cool enough to wear cozy sweatshirts and snuggle by the campfire. The cool night air makes for great sleeping conditions when your cuddled up under a blanket. You will also enjoy the beautiful autumn color palette and active wildlife.

Should we bring the kids?
Of course! You can certainly squeeze in one last weekend camping trip before you need to put the camping gear up for the winter. While childless campers can enjoy almost empty campgrounds during the week, families can still take advantage of a weekend trip. Your children's school may even offer a three-day weekend in October around conference time, so check the calendar and see what you can work out.

Preparing for a fall camping trip.

Remember that many camp grounds reduce their entrance fees after Labor Day, so you should be able to save a little money during a fall camping trip.

Don't forget to pack heavier clothes for your fall trip. The entire family will need jeans, sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts.

Because the weather patterns can be a bit volatile in the fall, you need to go prepared for a bit of everything. If you are camping in a hurrican zone, be sure you know the evacuation routes. Campers in moonsoon country need to be prepared with necessary rain gear and high country campers many need to take precautions for an early snow storm.

While most camp grounds don't require fall reservations, they can still fill up quickly on the weekends. It's better to call ahead and make a reservation -- just in case.

If a fall camping trip sounds appealing, all you need to do is gather the family and start packing. If you wait too long, it will be summer again -- and you'll be back to camping with the masses instead of with the mooses!


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