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November 26, 2020
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Wooden Jungle Gym

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Jungle gyms have been around for since the 20th century but the very first models were made of metal. This material is fine on a durability perspective but experimenting with other materials is also important to tap into other advantages for kids to enjoy in outdoor jungle gyms. If you are looking to buy a jungle gym yourself or want to search for the playground with the best jungle gym, consider getting or looking for a wooden jungle gym because of these significant advantages.

Good Aesthetics

A wooden jungle gym can look brand new for a longer period of time. Metal gyms really look good for the first few months because the metals are subjected to rusting. Fewer kids might be interested to play around in jungle gyms like that. Not every jungle gym can look brand new after several years, but the worn out style can be viewed as an antique design to keep the appeal.

Simple to Assemble and Customize

If you want to save big and know how to build a jungle gym from raw materials, wood will be the best choice. Constructing outdoor jungle gyms with wood as your primary material means that you won't have to worry about prefabrication processes just to get a specific length and height. You will need more tools to forge metal materials together and the process will take longer. With wood, you can use basic tools like drills and saws to cut the wood in any size or shape you like.
Once you are finished with the overall framework of the jungle gym you can move on to the customization where you can apply paints to make the wooden jungle gym stand out from the rest of the jungle gyms within the community.

Fewer Disadvantages

Metal and plastic outdoor jungle gyms continue to exist today but kids will likely realize the disadvantages if they are too used to a standard wooden jungle gym. On a very sunny day, kids will most likely stay away from metal jungle gyms no matter how attractive these gyms look. Metal can absorb heat and simply switching to plastic won't solve the problem. Too much direct sunlight and other harsh elements on plastic can cause warping. It is also possible for the colors to fade on the plastic variations. A wooden jungle gym does not have these problems and you may end up paying less depending on the wood being used.

Easy Maintenance

Of course, a wooden jungle gym isn't without its disadvantages. Wood is susceptible to cracking and that can lead to splintering which can be a minor inconvenience for kids that like to roughly play around. Fortunately, easy maintenance practices can prevent these issues from occurring. All you need to do is perform some occasional recoating and repainting procedures. You can repaint the wood anytime you notice that the colors are fading. If you notice some damage, you have a better chance in replacing the wood with a newer piece with the same dimensions.


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