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March 11, 2020
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Candle Lanterns Are A Perfect Way To Light Your Backyard Party

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Throwing a Renaissance festival in your backyard? Maybe you are celebrating Bastille Day in honor of the French Revolution. Or perhaps you simply want your backyard to reflect an Asian inspired or Old West theme. If you are simply looking to provide a more soothing environment for your guests, there is really nothing like watching the silhouettes of flames flickering off of foliage and walls while you and our guests relax on your patio. Candle lanterns are the perfect way to provide this environment.

Due to the multitude of sizes, shapes and styles, you can find an outdoor candle lantern which will fit your theme and make your space the hit of the party. Dark colored lanterns are the style of choice amongst landscape designers because they allow you to put in different colored candles in order to adapt to the different themed parties you might have. Candles are made in pretty much every color imaginable (sometimes in multiple colors) so the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking to throw an Old West party and need create the nostalgia of the prairie ranchhouses, then the rustic lantern is a perfect choice. The typical rustic lantern is made of metal and has a wide base and a handle. The wide base allows it to be placed on any flat surface and the handle allows it to be hung.

For Asian inspired themes, Zen lanterns or pagoda lanterns are the best choices. Zen lanterns are very basically constructed. They are usually short, square and made of wrought iron and have slits in the side.
The Pagoda lantern is as ornate as the Zen lantern is simple. The big difference between the two lanterns is that the Pagoda lantern has cutout panels on the sides, which allow the light to shine through. These cutout panels are very intricately designed. Zen lanterns have no cutout panels. The slits are made from strips of metal that allow the light to pass through.

Pest control and improved fragrance are also considerations when installing candle lanterns. Candles can also be manufactured with pleasing scents. If you are looking for a particular fragrance or looking to mimic the smell of foliage from a particular region, scented candles are the way to go. Many candles are also infused with citronella oil which is an insect repellant. This makes candle lanterns not only a decorative but also a functional part of your landscape.

Whether considering the theme, color combination, fragrance, pest control or just simply the design for your outdoor lantern, you can find it with one of the many choices in candle lanterns.


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