Located on 30th Ave and 30th St in Astoria, this park has something for everyone to enjoy. There’s benches, checkered tabletops, shade, and Greek statues that surround the park. As well as an open area park for kids to play. Come and enjoy live music and dancing with Greek nights every Tue from 7.30pm – 9.00pm and Italian nights every Wends from 7.30pm – 9.00pm. We have free music, cultural announcements and ongoing cultural events. Athens Square Park is a registered non-for-profit organization and all donations are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt . In reality the Athens Square is responsible for 85% of the cost to maintain this cultural site in the heart of Astoria. Only with your generous support will we be able to keep Astoria Park a beautiful place for leisure, culture, recreation and the appreciation of nature for generations to come.

About The Park

The Park at Athens Square is named for the capital of modern Greece and the center of ancient Greek civilization. From 594 to 404 BC, literature, science, philosophy, and the arts flourished in Athens. The birthplace of democracy had its golden age during the rule of statesman Pericles (c. 495-429 BC), who made sweeping political reforms and actively supported the arts. Read More


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